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Okay! HMD post! Any comments or criticism or any of that kinda stuff for Ash? All goes here. Is he awesome? Is he terrible? Is he terribly awesome? Is he the same Ash you know and love from TV?

I'm pretty sure I've managed to enable anonymous comments, so that's also cool? Also, it's all screened.


[Are you a close friend of a certain Ash Ketchum? Today you may find yourself being stalked by undead versions of him and his Pikachu. Wearing capes. It's that kind of a day.

Anyone willing to call him out on following you?]
[Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband and get well the hell away from the tall grass today as it isn't safe without protection. Always bring a condom your Pokémon with you!

With monsters all the hell around Mayfield today, Ash has decided to retaliate by pulling his own monsters from his pocket so that there can be some hardcore Poképwnage whupped out!

Pikachu, Buizel, Infernape, Oshawott, Sceptile and Staraptor may all be seen kicking ass and taking names (Or well, they would be if they could say any names other than their own) at various times under Ash's command.]

Ha! 'bout time we got some good trainin' in!
[Greetings citizens of Mayfield! Today, you may notice something a little out of the ordinary. ... Or perhaps big out of the ordinary instead like that giant Pikachu wandering the streets like he ate a Super Mushroom in Smash Bros.]

Piiika? Pikachuuu...
[Following a conversation with Nia last week, Ash has come up with a new way of keeping himself busy in Mayfield... You may find him around town putting up posters advertising a "Ketchum Detective Agency", or alternatively... on the phone.]

It is no secret to anyone that Mayfield is a town filled with secrets, or if there was anyone it was a secret to... it isn't now! Which is what I'm here to talk about it, in a town with so many secrets and so few answers, someone must uncover the truth! And that someone is me, Ash Ketchum, P.I.!

If you have any mysterious mysteries that need some kind of solving, you can count on me to try and find the answers! ... And if you want a Pokémon Battle, you can count on getting one of those too!
[Today, you may come across a certain Ash Ketchum sulking on a park bench.]

October... Just look at it Pikachu, see that!? It's been a year. A whole year since we first got here! Or at least it will be next week... And what do I have to show for it? A whole lot of time wasted not catching Pokémon or getting badges! I could've been taking on the Unova League by now...

Trip, Bianca, Steffen... I bet I'd be battling 'em at the league right now if it wasn't for Mayfield...

Pikapi, piikaa chuuuu...

[Pikachu's ears sag...]
Pikapi? ... Piiiikapiii?


I wonder where Ash could've gone? Or for that matter, ALL the humans... Maybe I should check on Oshawott and the others in their balls...

[With all the humans in town seemingly gone, Pikachu has rallied Ash's Pokémon together and are walking through town wondering where exactly all the humans may have gone.

With the exception of the occasional cat or horse (the latter of which Pikachu had to convince Oshawott not to ride), there doesn't seem to be anyone else around.]
[A groggy Ash Ketchum wakes up this morning and may be heard in the background over the phone line...]

Aah... Time to leave... Nimbasa... so we can go to... Nimbasa. Hey, Iris, Cilan... It's time to go. ... Guys? Iris? Cilan? ... Pikachu?


Oh, cool. Where are...? Oh yeah.

[And he'll actually grab the receiver up now so he can speak into it.]

Oh hey, I'm back. From Don Battle. ... Did I miss anything?
[On the last day of the milk incident, Ash visited the post office figuring that if someone had to drink the milk, perhaps that someone should be a living pile of toxic sludge who would likely be immune to poison and razor blades. ... Of course, the incident ended the next day rendering this unnecessary. The sentient toxic sludge remains however.

A) If you are at either 1247 Williams Road or the park today, you may notice an incredibly foul stench emanating from somewhere...

B) Alternatively, Ash may be training in the park with either Muk or his other recently regained Pokémon Oshawott.]
[Today, Ash Ketchum picks up the telephone.]

Man, I feel like I've been out for a month. What's goin' on? And why's there so much milk in the kitchen?
[Today, Ash Ketchum picks up the phone and speaks to the people of Mayfield.]

I left Pallet Town when I was ten years old, I had the grand ambitions to become a Pokémon Master. ... I still dream of becoming one someday, I didn't realise exactly how long it'd take though. Sometimes it feels like I've been doing this over 14 years...

Cut for a summer Deerling (AKA. TL;DR)Collapse )

... Ah, if only things could become simple again.

I'm not really sure what possessed me to say all that...
[Ash sits in the park, his only companion being the one he always has. He had planned on doing some training, but a certain discovery has put a damper on that idea...]

Pikapi, Pikaka pichu kapi pikachu...

... She's gone buddy. She's not coming back either. We checked for Piplup and the others, remember?

Piiikachu!! Pikapi chukapi Pikaka pichu pika!


[Ash doesn't respond to whatever it is his friend has to say and instead sighs and mumbles things like "Pokémon Master, huh? I'm never gonna get there like this." and "... I really hope she can become a Top Coordinator now." to himself.]

... Pikapi.
[It's been about a week since the Tauros stampede and Ash is sitting in the park, holding a Poké Ball, Pikachu sitting there beside him.]

There's no vidphone line to the Professor or Juniper... I wonder where the transporter is storing them? [Sigh.] Well, I guess I'm bound to the rule of six again now, so I can't keep all seven of my Pokémon at the same time...


[At some point after this, he'll send out the Pokémon contained within the ball, Glalie. It's up to you as to whether or not the floating ball of ice is already present when you engage him.]
[Ash's Tauros caused a whole lot of havoc over the weekend, so it isn't surprising that when Monday comes around he has been droned. You may find him wandering the street in his droned state today with perhaps a greeting of...]

Hey! Lovely day, isn't it?
[On the phone today, you may here the slightly exasperated tone of a particular Pokémon Trainer...]

Oh, uh... Has anyone seen a herd of Tauros around town? They kinda belong to me, so uh... It'd help if I knew where they were.
[Morning, 1247 Williams Road...]

Zzzzzz... Uyaaahh... Pikachu... Pikachu? Hey! Pikachu!? Where are you?! ... Huh, a letter?


Darn it, what the heck is this? Where's Pikachu!? Where are my other Pokémon?! What's the deal with this letter sayin' I'm s'posed ta kill someone!?

Graaaaah!! What the heck am I supposed to do!?!!!???!!!??

[Day, 1645 Albright Lane]

[... Ash is hiding in the bushes watching the movements of a certain Charlie Gage-Racliffe pondering what kind of action he could take to obtain Pikachu.]

... I feel stupid. Like Team Rocket. What could I even do anyway...?
[Today, you may find Ash Ketchum training in the park, as Ash Ketchum training his Pokémon in the park as per usual.

However, what isn't as per usual is the behaviour that Ash or his Pokémon will display if a girl comes along... Until that happens though, Thunderbolts, Leaf Storms, Flamethrowers and Water Guns are going to be shooting around. Also, there's a baby lizard headbutting things.

At least he isn't Brock?]

038 - Born to be a winner...

[Today in the park, Ash is sitting on a bench as the egg he's holding begins to glow!]

It's hatching!

... Scrag!

[The newly hatched baby headbutts Ash before running off.]

H-hey, wait! Aw man... Where'd he go...?

[Around town, you may find a baby lizard wandering around town, occasionally stopping to pull up his "pants". If you approach him, he'll likely be prone to headbutt you. ... Not that it'll hurt since he's a ridiculously weak baby, but still.]

037 - A small thing, that is me...


Oh hey! I just got back the Pokémon Egg I received for helping out that daycare with the Trubbish! I wonder what's inside? Man, I'm so excited! What could it be~? Some kind of Pokémon I've never seen maybe~?

[Action: Today, you may find Ash Ketchum at the park not far from his usual training spot. However, he seems to be taking a break at the moment and sitting on a bench with a rather sizable yellow spotted egg.]


We're unbeatable
Ash Ketchum (サトシ)

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