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Ahahaha... April Fool's day, huh? All that other stuff kept me so busy, I didn't even realise that my birthday was coming up! Eleven years old, how about that?

Pikapi, pikachuuu...

... Okay, yeah, you're right Pikachu. I'm April Foolin' ya, my tenth birthday was years ago so I'm not really eleven... It's still totally my birthday though!
[In the park today, you can find various odd animals around the place...

... Feel free to come across any of these odd creatures, however depending on which one, they may react differently. They may be on their own or they may be with Ash doing some training...

Honestly, the options are so numerous I'm not even gonna list them. Just tell me what Pokémon you want and whether or not Ash is there. If you want to know more about a specific Pokémon, this is useful.]
[Having retreated after figuring that Charizard doesn't stand much chance against Milkbot, Ash has arrived home and is on the phone.]

Okay, so there was some kinda generator in the dairy being powered by... y'know, I don't even wanna think about it... anyway, it's broken now, so they're free now I think... I hope...

Of course, I'm guessing you've all seen that giant robot by now? It's the milkman's. I don't think there's much I can do now at this point... Even though I've got all my Pokémon, I'm still useless...

033 - Walkin' down this endless highway...

[Action: Ash noticed something while out and about today, namely, the great big highway suddenly leading out of town. He considers following it, but decides to return to his house for the time being...


... That road leadin' out of town. It wasn't there yesterday, was it?
[Ash woke up on the morning following his death at the hand of the Angels... A notably shaken Pikachu there to greet him after a moment of apprehension. And so, Ash heads to the phone...]

Oh, hey... Does anyone know what's going on? There were these statues in the park and then... I think I died or something? Pikachu seems pretty spooked for some reason...
[A: If you are on the phone today you may hear a certain noise.]

Chuuuuu! Piika! Pikapi pi Pikachu, pika! Kachu pi! ... Pikachu...

[B: About half an hour or so later, you may hear another call...]

... Gee Pikachu, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, I thought I trained you to be better than that. Okay, fine... So they were kinda made of stone. Still, do you have any idea what kind of trouble you left me in there?
[Ash sits on a bench in the park, alone with only the small yellow mouse sitting next to him, also looking quite depressed.]

She's droned again, huh? ... I wonder if she'll be back this time?

[One fine morning, a certain Ash Ketchum wakes up...]

Hey, Iris! Cilan! Let's get a move on to Castel-- Hey, hold it. This isn't... Iris? ... Cilan? Where are you guys?


Well, at least you're with me buddy...

... Wait, I know this place. Aw man! Mayfield again!? But I wanna go challenge the Castelia Gym! This isn't fair... I wonder what Iris and Cilan are doing?

OH MAN! THE EGG!! It was so close to hatching... I wanted to know what was inside...

[And so, you will probably find Ash sulking around town in various places.

A) Walking down the street.

B) In class.

C) In the playground.

D) Being significantly less sulky in the park, training with Pokémon you haven't seen before.]
[Today, Ash Ketchum is a drone before he wakes up tomorrow, refreshed having earned two badges and a load of adventures. However, for the time being he remains droned, doing drone type things for a 24 hour period.

You may find him in one of several places being an average creepy drone.

A) Greeting you as you walk down the street.

B) In class, paying attention and working hard.

C) Sitting next to you in the playground.

D) Reading a book in the park.]
[Today, Ash can be found hanging down at the park. Of course, there's nothing unusual about this, he often spends his time there training his Pokémon. What is unusual is the fact that with the exception of Pikachu, none of his Pokémon are anywhere to be seen.]

Oh man, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but...


[Pikachu sighed as Ash paced back and forth. His trainer had been like this ever since recovering from a recent bout of the cooties. Feel free to speak to either the trainer or the mouse, although keep in mind that Ash will most likely pretend like nothing is wrong.]
[Hey you, yes you. The little girl over there. Ash may or may not be sneaking a glance at you while he thinks you're not looking. Acknowledge him? Y/N.

Even if you don't, at this rate it probably won't be long until he comes over to you anyway...]
[A certain 10-year-old kid here in Mayfield had recently been eating burgers and had managed to de-age himself by 14 years to when he was 10-years-old. ... Don't ask how that works. Anyway, welcome back to 1997!]

Misty? ... Brock? ... Where did those guys go? ... Did we make it to Vermilion City already?

[And so, our intrepid hero has hit the streets, asking people for directions to the Vermilion City Pokémon Gym.]

[All replies shall come from 2bamaster]
[Action: 1247 Williams Road]Collapse )

[Some time later, on phone]

OH YEAH!! Pikachu's back again! I think I got him as a regain, and he can use his electricity again too! Also, I've got Buizel now too!
... Did anyone else notice that Lucy and the Milkman said the exact same thing, word for word?
[Filtered from drones and the people in power. ... presumably. Who knows what they're capable of hearing?]

... Lucy's voice definitely changed near the end there. Kinda reminds me of my suspicions of her merely being the manifestation of the boss and not her true form...

Just like Sabrina back home. I'm sure I was onto something there...
[Anyone vaguely in the vicinity of 1247 Williams Road will be able to hear a certain Pokémon Trainer shouting...]


[Ash has holed up in his room with this message fail filtered to Dawn:]

Pikachu... He's... He's gone. What am I gonna do without him?


[Being an old friend of Santa, Ash obviously sent him some Christmas wishes. Using the magical key provided, he manages to open a door somehow leading right into his home in Pallet Town. He excitedly heads downstairs and...]

Mom! It's me, Ash! Mom! ... Mom?

[He walks over and... hand goes right through her.]

... That's weird. Mimey?

[He heads to the Oak Laboratory. Oak is there researching writing poetry while Tracey does actual work, as per usual. Neither of them notice his presence either. He explores the Oak ranch, coming across many of his old Pokémon, Heracross, Snorlax, Muk, Sceptile, Buizel, etc.

None of them pay him any notice at all. Slightly unnerved by all this, he decides to head out towards Route 1. ... Only to come to an invisible wall. He returns home, walking back through the door to Mayfield, picking up a phone.]

So, I've found a way home? ... But nobody can see me and I can't go beyond the boundaries of Pallet Town.
[Taking the advice of a certain Squid Girl, Ash is attempting to make a cake for Dawn. Housemates may notice that the kitchen is an absolute mess and there is a flaming monkey attempting to help with his flames.

You may also hear him on the phone...]

Hey uh, anyone got any advice for makin' a cake?
[Despite some of the recent drama he has been subject to, Ash is getting into the Christmas spirit. You may find him around town singing Christmas carols as he wanders about the streets. However, they may be somewhat different to the carols you know?]

Rapidashing through the snow~♪ With a Horsea on our sleigh~♪
Slowpoke and Slowbro~♪ Laughing all the way~♪
Bellsprout starts to sing~♪ So does Magnemite~♪
Then Seaking will start to ring~♪ The jingle bells tonight~!

Poké Balls, Poké Balls~♪
Throw them all the way~♪
You may catch the Pokémon you want on Christmas day~♪
[Today, a certain Pokémon Trainer sits on a park bench looking pretty depressed. A small yellow mouse appears to be trying to cheer him up...]

Pikapi, piiika chuuuuu...

It's no use Pikachu... It'll be almost a whole week soon, I'm not sure she's comin' back...

[If you reply, don't expect too much from Pikachu, as I'm simply operating him on godmod autopilot?]


We're unbeatable
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